As cities across the United States buckle and burn under riots, and the Black Lives Matter movement seeks to disband police departments, Antifa affiliates rioting alongside it aspire to "destroy the state, police, military and all those who run the American Plantation." For those of you unfamiliar with Antifa, Gist Say’n explains.


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The tactics may vary, but the Chinese Communist Party's desire to control both domestic and foreign information is vital in achieving Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream." Now COVID-19 threatens to disrupt its citizen's views at home as well as years of propaganda groundwork laid abroad. Gist Say'n explains.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes and China's credibility concerning its origin and initial spread come into question, countries are discussing decoupling from the communist regime. Such talk is exposing Xi Jinping's carefully cultivated plans to dominate the world stage by controlling international economics, infrastructure, and information. Gist Say'n Explains.

This is part one of two. Watch for the second that focuses on China's use of Media, both domestic and foreign, to influence world views.

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Trump likes its chances, the media and his opponents laud the risks, and doctors want more data. The controversy concerning whether or not a hydroxychloroquine regiment can decrease COVID-19 deaths is raging. Gist Say'n explains why.
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A death investigation is underway, and a homicide detective has been assigned to the apparent poisoning death of the man, whose wife claims, ingested an aquarium additive to prevent catching the COVID-19 virus, the Mesa Arizona Police Department has told Gist Say'n.



The 2019 Novel Coronavirus epidemic in China has the international community reeling with fears of what comes next. Gist Say'n looks at the impact of pandemics.

The numbers stated in this podcast are as of February 7th, as of publication, official cases of (2019-nCoV) in China had risen to more than 40,000 infected and more than 900 dead, only to two of which were outside of China.

As risk of cyberattacks from Iran and elsewhere rise, government entities, private industries, and citizens are drafted onto a global battlefield.


A new agreement reached at the brink of a trial in Cleveland is the latest development in Big Pharma's year of reckoning. Verdicts and settlements concerning the nation's opioid epidemic continue to stack up against big pharmaceutical companies as they face off against cities, counties and states in courthouses across the country. 

ABC misrepresents video from Kentucky as battle footage in Syria, and secret recordings at CNN suggest biased news coverage is a mandate. Gist Say’n looks at shoddy journalism and sanctioned bias to explain why news media credibility “appears” dead.

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